Want to Ride Longer, Climb Hills with More Ease, and Prevent Overuse Injury? 

Get Off Your Bike and Find Your Core.

Too many core strength workouts show you 

WHAT to do, without first explaining 

HOW to do it. 

It's time to stop going through the motions - literally.  

Did you ever finish a core workout and end up with an aching low back or burning hip flexors?

Have you ever thought: I guess I just don't have those muscles? Or, where should I be feeling this?

You keep hearing how important core strength is but you're not sure why, or where to begin?

👆 This used to be me.

Too Many Trainers And Gurus Have It Backwards.

When it comes to core strength, "washboard abs" or a "ripped 6-pack" really don't matter, and they shouldn't be the goal!

Your core goes way deeper than that.  That's why I teach you how to Find Your Core from the inside out.

You wouldn't start building a house from the roof, would you?  That's what you'd be doing if you only focused on that six-pack muscle.  

Until you Find Your Core you won't be able to access your deepest, most important core muscles.  You'll just be spinning your wheels.

Introducing: Find Your Core.

A Mini-Course Specifically Created For Endurance Athletes 🚴🏻‍♀️

If you're serious about upleveling your cycling, you need a strong, stable core to help you be comfortable in a forward flexed position on the bike, to support your spine, and to keep your hips steady as you transfer power from one pedal to the other. 

Core strength is KEY for strength and endurance on the bike.

But we also need core strength to promote mobility and longevity off the bike.  Too much repetitive motion will take a toll and overuse injury is real.

I know!  I'd rather be riding than be bogged down with this stuff.  But once you have found your core, and actually know how to engage it, you can spend less time being confused, and optimize your efforts during your core strength workouts. 

In other words, core strength won't have to take a ton of time, if you do it well.  

In fact, you can actually engage your core without moving your body...

Let me show you how.

It's time to stop wasting time.

It's easy to think you're strengthening your core, but are you really?

In this 4-Lesson Mini Course you will:

Learn which muscles you should be working and what you should be feeling.

Learn how to activate those muscles - without even moving!

Learn tried and true techniques which will form the foundation for strengthening your core.

Learn how to connect your mind to your body and your movement to your breath.


Here's What You Get:

  • A self-paced mini course comprised of 4 video based modules.
  • Each video module has key take-aways and visual aides. 
  • In less than an hour, you will truly transform what you know about the body you are living in.
  • Never again wonder: Am I doing this right?
  • Unlock the key to strength and endurance on and off the bike.  It all starts here!

Finding My Core Transformed My Life.

And I want to help you do the same. 

In case we haven't met, I'm Alexis.  I'm an avid cyclist, swimmer, and core strength nerd.  I'm a certified Pilates Instructor and NASM certified Personal Trainer. 

But above all that, I am passionate about sharing what I know because I want you to feel strong, capable, and powerful.  Connecting to your core will do just that.

I wasn't always athletic, simply because I didn't try things.  I didn't have the confidence and strength to move my tall frame with coordination, and the ability to produce and harness power.  But one day I stepped into a Pilates class and I found my athleticism because I learned how to move from my core with control, stability, and efficiency.

This newfound mind-body connection propelled me off the elliptical machine and onto a road bike and into the pool, where I find joy and adventure.  I'm here to pay it forward.

I've combined the best of what I have learned through strength training, Pilates, and my own experience with low back injury to create this mini-course which will allow you to tap into your potential.

So If You're Thinking:

I already work out.

This is an education, a toolbox, not a workout.  After completing the course, you will be equipped with knowledge that will allow you to get so much MORE out of your workouts.

I don't have time.

You can complete the course in an hour if you'd like, or you can take your time.  Got time for Netflix?  Then you've got time for this.

I don't need this.

You do.  Sit-ups, crunches, and planks alone will not give you the core strength and endurance that you need.  In this course, I teach you how to go deeper and access muscles that you probably don't know that you have!  My techniques and cues will allow you to tap into your core in a whole new way.

Are You Ready To Stop Dreading Core Work?

Learn these three things and you'll no longer be tempted to avoid core workouts because you'll finally know what you should be doing, and how it should feel.

What is Your Core and What Does it DO?!

Learn what muscles comprise the core, and what their functions are.


Find Your Breath and Find Your Power.

To strengthen your core, the first thing you need to do is learn how to breathe.


Create a Solid Mind-Body Connection.

The most critical step is connecting the mind to the muscles you're trying to fire.


All the Tools You Need to Start Building a Strong Core.

This course is for you if:

  • You're ready to learn what your core is, so that you can effectively strengthen it without wasting time.
  • You're ready to stop checking the boxes, going through the motions, "doing core strength workouts" but not feeling stronger afterwards.
  • You're ready to feel stronger and endure longer on and off the bike.
  • You don't want to be sidelined by overuse injury.

Are You Ready to Change What You Know About The Body You're Living In?