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The Endurance Hub is a community for endurance athletes who want to get stronger from the inside, out.  

You hear it all the time - how critical core strength is.  And cyclists, swimmers, and runners REALLY need to have it.  But it's hard to find the time, the motivation and the consistency to DO it.  We've got you! 

Weekly workouts delivered to your inbox to help you:

Finally climb with more ease the bike...swim with more efficiency...run with more power.

Build a well-balanced core by maintaining strength and mobility in all planes of motion for your life in and out of sport.

Save time (because we'd all rather be riding, running, or swimming, right?!).  Workouts are 28 minutes or less with effective cuing and coaching.

Streamlined and Efficient.

Yup, there is a TON of free content out there.  Bookmarked on Instagram, deep in your inbox somewhere...but do you get to it - consistently?  Now you can, with a weekly workout delivered right to you. And here's the secret: it doesn't have to take a lot of TIME if you do it WELL. We'll teach you how to effectively train your core while doing less, but doing it BETTER.

Core Strength

Each week we will release the workout in video format with clear instructions, modifications and helpful cues, 28 minutes or less.  Yes, that's all you need.  Your goal: complete the workout 3 times per week.


We've never been more physically distant, yet able to connect.  You'll have access to a private Facebook group of like minded people.  Here, we can share our successes, get help with our struggles, and make new friends!


We're not here to love you and leave you!  The key to consistency is accountability.  Yes, some days you won't want to get that workout done, you'll struggle to find time and you'll succeed in finding excuses.  That's why we are here.  

Not just another "Abs Class".

To truly strengthen your core, you've got to go deep. We will be working intrinsic muscles that you might not even know you had! From there, we build a strong foundation and work the body from the inside out. Your membership will start with a few short lessons on building a mind-body connection, where you will learn a new way to find and activate your core.

Introducing: The F-A-S-T Method

➡️ Find Your Core ➡️ Activate Your Core ➡️ Strengthen Your Core ➡️ Three Times A Week. When you join The Endurance Hub, you'll receive instant access to a four part mini course that will teach you a whole new way to find and activate your core. Every week you'll receive a weekly workout that you'll repeat three times.

Ready to get strong and stay strong?

What They're Saying.

Hear what current members say about The Endurance Hub:

"I was afraid to start trying to do your core workouts because I figured it would be too good for someone like me to try to learn. I was sure I would fail. I love seeing you on video at least three times a week teaching me and others. I mark my calendar. I feel like you are a friend in my living room. It makes me feel better. Thanks for your perseverance, and your notes to this little community that you are building. It means a lot to everyone.""


"I am loving the workouts... and yes I see the point! Rode today for the first time in a while - so hot out here in Salt Lake if you don't get up early you won't get your ride in. Needless to say, got up early today and got a short ride in before the heat... and yes - felt strong! I know these core exercises work!"


Hi, I'm Alexis!

Passionate cyclist, swimmer, certified personal trainer, and pilates instructor (and dog lover).  Finding my core unlocked my athletic potential.  Cycling changed my life.  I'm here to pay it all forward!

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Frequently Asked Questions

Building core strength is at the center of the Hub.  It's what we are here to do. 

Your membership starts with a foundational mini course called "Find Your Core" which will familiarize you with some basic concepts, my teaching style, and your core!

There will be a weekly workout (28 minutes or less).  Your goal: complete the workout three times per week.  You'll have access to Alexis if you get stuck, and you'll have accountability with our online community.

In addition, we'll be adding content every month that is meant to enhance your membership: from stretching tips, to nutrition tips, to bike maintenance tips.

There is!  But this is not just a love ya and leave ya kind of deal.  We're not just going to throw out a bunch of content and A) Hope you do it and B) Leave you to do it alone.

1. Our workouts are tailored, efficient, and focused.

2. This is not just an "abs" class.  As both a cyclist and a Pilates instructor and trainer, I know that core strength is about supporting your spine in dynamic movement and static postures.  It's about strengthening your core in all of the ways that your body moves.  If all you do is a ton of crunches and planks, you're missing out.

3. You'll have access to a coach (Hi!), and I'll be doing the workouts with you every week.  I'll also be available to the group to work through any hangups, issues, and to keep ALL of us accountable!

As with any exercise, you should be clear of any acute injuries, and if you suffer from any chronic injuries, get your healthcare professional's approval before beginning, and know what movements and ranges of motion are allowed for you.

The membership starts with a brief series to learn our methods and some basic concepts.  Every workout will have modifications, as well as ways to turn up the heat so if you're a beginner or advanced, you're good!

28 minutes, or less!

For the first 6 weeks, just you and your body.  We will integrate a foam roller and Theraband in later workouts.

Adaptation (building strength) happens through repetition.  The longer you go between sessions, the harder it will be to build momentum and gain strength.  

Contrary to a popular term, "muscle memory" we're not teaching the muscles to store information, we're training the brain to keep those mind-body connections open.

If you want to progress, frequency matters.  

Want to know a little more?  

This is not just another abs class.  We break movements down, showing you the how and the why, not just the what.  See what sets The Endurance Hub apart.

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