If You're Like Most Endurance Athletes... 

You love to ride, run, swim (or maybe all three!).

You welcome a challenge.

You want to go the distance.

You love the feeling of anticipation at the start line, or the exhilarating sense of accomplishment after finishing a tough climb.

You want to continue doing the sports that bring so much joy into your life for years to come.

You want to keep getting stronger and not be sidelined by injury.

It's all possible...

When you build a strong body to go the distance.

Core strength is key to endurance.  The real strength you need to cycle, swim, or run for long distances starts not in your arms and legs, but in your core: the muscles that are closest to your center and provide a base from which you can produce power and leverage to propel your body forward: on the bike, in the water, or on your feet running.

We all know that endurance sports involve repetitive motion in the same plane.  This can lead to overuse injury and a lack of balance in the body.  A well-designed core strength routine is NOT just a bunch of "ab work" - it's about helping your body be both stable when needed and mobile in multiple planes of motion.  It's about getting stronger in your sport, and working on the mechanics and movements that you need in order to function in every day life.

You might be thinking...

I've tried doing core strength work before and it didn't work.

I'm not sure how having a strong core helps me get stronger or faster.

I've tried things like planks and crunches and I never know if I'm doing them correctly.

I'd rather spend my free time riding, running, or swimming.



I used to be the same way...


I was an obsessed cyclist who only cared about racking up as many miles and PR's as possible.  And with a history of low back injury, I should have been doing more to support my body.  But I didn't see the benefit of core strength training - mostly because I wasn't doing it correctly or consistently...

Until one day, I walked into a Pilates class and finally learned what my core was, and how to access and activate muscles that I didn't even know I had.  Once I discovered this mind-body connection, I was able to skip the struggle and finally get stronger.  

Hey there!

I'm Alexis.

Read my story  ➝

Certified Personal Trainer, Pilates instructor, avid cyclist, swimmer, skier, and dog lover.

I caught the endurance bug in my late twenties.  I went all in, only wanting to rack up as many miles as possible, and eventually I got sidelined by a disc injury.  In an effort to resume my active life, I discovered the transformative power of Pilates and instantly, I was hooked.  I found a deep sense of strength that gave me the confidence to keep pursuing athletic endeavors with the assurance that I could do so safely. 

With my experience as a personal trainer, pilates instructor, and endurance athlete, I've crafted my own unique flavor of teaching athletes just like you how to get stronger from the inside, out so that they can keep doing the sports that bring them so much joy.  I'm incredibly passionate not just about giving you a "workout" but an education about the body you live in so that you can tap in your potential and continue to get stronger, fitter, and faster.

Three Ways That I Can Help You 

Whether you are training for an Ironman, or just wanting to improve your strength and mobility so that you can continue to excel in sports, core strength is critical. 

Which one of these ways describes where you are?

I'm Not Even Sure What My Core Is?!

This is for you if you have struggled to know what you should be feeling during common core strength exercises.  

Yes, I need to find my core!

I'm Looking For A Way to Get Stronger.

This is for you if you are looking for a way to include core strength workouts into your week without taking time away from the things you love to do.

Yes, I want to join The Endurance Hub!

I Hate Planks.

Do planks give you a pain in the neck?  Or the low back?  Struggling to see any benefits from this common core strength exercise?  This mini-course will show you how to do two simple exercises which will easily allow to you progress into a strong, effective plank.

Yes, I want to learn how to plank effectively!

"Alexis you have your own style of creating fitness combined with community that is so effective and addictive! Much better than the ra-ra programs I’ve seen, imho. Thanks so much for all you’ve done!"

Nicole Goebel

"I never realized how important core strength was until I started working with a cycling coach. But even then I still couldn't find anything that resonated with me & whatever I did find wasn't enough to keep my interest past the 1st week or 2. I also would have rather been doing anything but crunches, planks, pushups, etc. Your program has been a perfect fit & I'm now on my 24th week. Echoing others - your queues, tips, format really help & keeps me engaged."

Annie Gee
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Because it will help you actually get stronger from the inside, out.  Your core is a group of deep muscles (nope, not just that six-pack muscle) that you might not even know you have.  Until you know what your core is,  you can't strengthen it.

That is, you need to have a MIND-BODY CONNECTION in order to strengthen muscles that you can't see or maybe even feel at first.


But my training as a Pilates instructor first is my secret weapon.  I spent hundreds of hours learning and practicing how to find, activate, and strengthen deep core muscles before I started to teach - a process way more rigorous than any personal training certification.  

Like you, every month I log hundreds of miles on my bike and swim tens of thousands of yards.  I know what it takes to stay strong enough to endure long workouts, and to remain off the injured list.

I saw too many fellow athletes dabbling in core strength and not seeing results or skipping it altogether and getting injured.  

That's why I created my unique FAST Method 

FIND Your Core



THREE Times A Week

This method ensures your success with:

Mindful Movement

Just going through the motions 'doing exercises' without actually knowing how to do them is simply a waste of time.  I'll teach you how to find and activate your core so that you can actually strengthen it.



We'd all rather be doing the sports we love than slogging through 'extra' workouts.  When you are using the right muscles, with the right technique, you will see that core strength doesn't have to take a ton of time.  The FAST Method will allow you to do less...better!


Learning how to properly activate and strengthen your core takes a little time and guidance and everyone learns differently.  That's why you'll have unlimited support.  Need a modification, or a different cue?  Just ask :)    

If You're Ready to Actually Get Stronger,

Start Here.

The first step to getting a stronger core is FINDING your core.  All of my private clients as well as those within my community, The Endurance Hub start here.

Learn how to create a powerful connection between your mind and your body so that you can finally see results and build a strong core to empower your athletic endeavors, and keep you off the injured list.

A stronger, faster, more powerful you is possible when you... 



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