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Member Testimonials.

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I have been fascinated by anatomy and movement ever since I discovered pilates over a decade ago.  It gave me to the tools to go from aimless gym-goer to endurance athlete. That discovery changed the course of my life, leading to the founding of a women's cycling apparel brand (Lexi Miller), and helping countless clients to find their own strength on the bike, and off.  

Although you won't find me chasing Ironman points, I train with the same vigor and love of endurance as someone who is.  I simply love to push myself.  I love to see what I'm made of on any given day.  I love putting in the effort.  I love what physical endurance has taught me about mental endurance.  

I wasn't an athlete growing up.  In fact, I didn't do a whole lot to raise my heart rate (intentionally) 'til I was in my late 20's.  I used to think that athletic people were simply born that way, and I wasn't one.  But discovering how to tap into my core strength changed my mind, and transformed my life.  Transformation and progress are possible with the right tools and teaching methods.

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"I worked with Alexis doing Pilates and as an avid cyclist she understood how to help ensure maximum fitness for my cycling. Alexis also helped me ease some reoccurring injuries caused by overtraining on the bike as well as helping prevent new ones.  She was fun, professional and enthusiastic to work with."

-Elizabeth P., San Francisco CA & Basel, Switzerland


"As we struggle with this global pandemic, I'm eternally grateful to Alexis who took me from being a 'kind of fit' 66 year old woman to becoming a REALLY fit 67 year old. I signed up for two cycle classes/week with Alexis, and in a gentle, though ever-challenging way, she totally improved my strength, stamina and (most importantly now!) my lung capacity.  In hindsight, I can appreciate how much knowledge and experience a teacher needs to accomplish such goals.  At the time though, I merely knew that I enjoyed the class and felt good after each session. Can't recommend Alexis enough!"

Wendy S., San Francisco CA

"I started working with Alexis when I was a few months pregnant with twins. Having a history of lower back issues, I wanted to make sure my core was strengthened and could handle the pressure of the pregnancy. Alexis helped strengthen my core, back and overall center strength. I’ve continued working with her postpartum and still today. My babies are now 2, I have a solid understanding of how to keep strong through my core, and I haven’t had any back issues since. Aside from the technical side, Alexis is easy and fun to work with, and I always look forward to our sessions."

Jenn L., San Francisco CA

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