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Ready to build a strong core without wasting a ton of time?

Strengthen your core efficiently and consistently 

so that you can endure longer and feel stronger on the bike.

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You might be wondering why you need core strength.

I get it.  You're a cyclist after all.  Why add more to your plate?

We need core strength to support our spine in a forward flexed position and to promote stable hips while riding.  More stability = more endurance.

We also need core strength to preserve strength and mobility for functional life off the bike.  Use it or lose it!

You might be thinking core strength is a waste of time.

Been there!  I used to be an obsessed cyclist, ignoring everything else.  And then I paid the price: back spasms, neck pain, tight hip flexors...

But once I committed to core strength I was able to resume my beloved long rides on weekends, and take on legendary climbs in the Alps.

You might be thinking this is just another "abs class".

Nope!  A strong core is not about having chiseled six-pack.

To strengthen your core, you've got to go deeper and find muscles that you might not even know you have!  Let me teach you.  


The Endurance Hub

A monthly membership where I teach my F.A.S.T method to women who ride:

FIND your core. 

To effectively strengthen your core, first you need to know what your core is.  This is your first lesson.

ACTIVATE your core.  

Next, you'll learn how to breathe and move properly and efficiently.

STRENGTHEN your core.  

Every Sunday you will receive a pre-recorded workout with plenty of cues and modifications.  Duration: 28 minutes or less.

THREE times a week.  

Because transformation doesn't happen without repetition and commitment.  Each week you will build upon your progress by refining new moves and technique.



Here's what sets The Endurance Hub apart...

The Endurance Hub will help you to get strong by giving you an understanding of what your core is, and how to make it fire

In carefully crafted video format workouts, I explain the how and the why, not just the what.

This is not just another content library.  I'm here to guide and help you.


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Find Your Core

Begin with our signature mini-course to learn fundamentals and concepts before you dive in to weekly workouts.

Here's what you're going to learn:

  • What your core is.
  • How to make it fire.
  • How to use your breath to activate your core.
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Strengthen Your Core

Every Sunday you will receive a weekly workout.

Here's what you can expect:

  • 28 minutes or less in duration, meant to be fit in to your week three times.  Why?  Because you'll get so much more out of doing something efficiently multiple times a week than slogging through a longer workout once a week.
  • A well-rounded workout that will challenge you.
  • Plenty of cues, modifications, and how-to's, not just what to do.
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Hone Your Technique

"Golden nuggets" of knowledge are just that - super high value tips and tricks to help you get more out of your workout.

Learn how to avoid common mistakes:

  • How to perfect the plank.
  • How to activate the abdominals, not the hip flexors during moves involving the legs.
  • How to use your core in order to squat and lunge properly.
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Join Your Community

A private Facebook group just for members.

Here's what you'll access:

  • A community of likeminded women who ride and who are all motivated to stay on track.
  • A place where you can ask me questions about the workouts, get clarity, and support.
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More Endurance.  Less time. 

Sure, there is a ton of content out there, but nothing quite like this.  The Endurance Hub is created by a cyclist for cyclists.  You will learn how to efficiently strengthen your core, how to shore up your strengths, as well improve upon your weaknesses, so that you can feel strong to endure hours on the bike.

As much as we love cycling, repetitive motion and holding one position for hours takes a toll.  The Endurance Hub provides well rounded workouts with a diversity in movement to correct muscle imbalances and preserve our range of motion.

I’ve seen too many people ignore core strength because they’re not getting anything out of their efforts.  And we cyclists are especially guilty of wanting to spend all of our free time doing what we we love: riding!  When we do have free time we're left wondering what we should do, how many reps and how often.

I've created a much needed solution for us with The Endurance Hub.

With the proper coaching and technique, your strongest core is possible.


Still thinking about it?

I want to change your life.

Sounds dramatic, I know!  But that's what finding my core did for me.  

For much of my life, I didn't know that I was capable of being an athlete, so I sat on the sidelines.  I didn't feel strong enough to even try endure much of anything...

Until I took a Pilates class which finally made me feel what my core was and how to activate it. 

Suddenly I had newfound confidence to train for my first half marathon, ditching spin class for a road bike, and swimming with a masters group.

Seemingly overnight, I became an endurance athlete.  My path hasn't been without injuries and setbacks.  The one thing that has kept me in motion is a strong core.

Over the past decade, I have curated the most effective teaching methods, and a training style that is greatly informed by, but not limited to Pilates principles. 

I want to give you the same tools to unlock strength, longevity, and endurance so that you can find your strongest self on and off the bike.

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Hey there, I'm Alexis.


I'm passionate about a few things: cycling, swimming, skiing, core strength and wellness.

I'm a certified Pilates instructor and NASM certified personal trainer.  I believe in the power of a mind-body connection, and taking control of one's physical well-being in order to live a robust, colorful life.

Read more

Take a peek behind the scenes.


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Warning: side effects of The Endurance Hub may include:

  • A whole new understanding of what your core is and how to make it fire.
  • A solid mind-body connection and awareness.

  • New found strength that will make you feel more able to endure hours on the bike, and life in general.

  • Better posture, body awareness, and mobility on and off the bike.
  • A new habit of strengthening your core...consistently!
  • An effective way to stave off overuse injury.

The end result.

Imagine how it would feel to...

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Be more connected to your body, and have an understanding of how it works - not just going through the motions.  Learn how to connect your mind to your body and your movement to your breath in order to get more out of your workouts.

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Build core strength but not have it take over your life.  I’ll teach you my method, based on quality, not quantity so you can make the most out of your time, and get back to the things you love to do, like riding your bike!

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Feel stronger in every aspect of your life, from cycling to everyday things like lifting objects to standing.  A newfound way of working your core will transform your life on and off the bike by increasing your muscular endurance where it matters most: your core. 

I'm in!

What Current Members Are Saying...

Hear what made them join, and why they stay.


I've learned so much about engaging and working my core.

"Since starting with The Endurance Hub earlier this year, I've built it into my routine, where it quickly found a place alongside my weekly commitments for runs, weight training, and of course, miles on the bike...thanks to Alexis's inspiration, motivation, guidance, honesty, consistency and creativity each week."  


It's really been a continuing education.  As I get stronger I learn even more.

"I had a baby 11 months ago which has afforded me less time to go out and bike and swim.  My time is so valuable so when I do get outside I want to enjoy it.  I'm still enjoying my rides and I do feel stronger.  I feel as fit as I did before and I'm doing far less.  I think I'm just using my time more wisely."  


It's time.

Say Goodbye to these excuses...

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I don't have time.  

No more wasting time.  Got time for Netflix?  Then you've got time for core strength.  Each workout is 28 minutes or less.  

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Where should I be feeling this? 

No more confusion.  Not only is every workout precisely cued, but if you get stuck or need a modification, just ask!

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I don't have any motivation.

No more excuses.  Every Sunday your workout will arrive in your inbox.  No more saying you don't know what to do, or you don't have time.

I'm Ready.


You're covered by our guarantee.

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Buy it, try it, apply it. You’re backed by our 100% money back guarantee.

The Endurance Hub is changing lives - and we don’t say that lightly.  If you’re not so sure about that, we ask that you give it your all for 14 days and if it’s not for you, we’ll refund your money.

You have absolutely nothing to lose.


Frequently Asked Questions

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It's not a question of if you need to strengthen your core, but when will you start?

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